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Thread: Need help interpreting a series of dreams

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    Exclamation Need help interpreting a series of dreams

    Ok so I'm currently going through a tough break up right now. About three weeks after my boyfriend broke up with me and went back to his ex I had these 4 strange dreams. They're strange due to the fact that I can remember them with detail. Also over the course of those 3 weeks I had been plotting some way to win him back. Please if anyone can give me there take on what these dreams mean and I believe that they are connected in some way.

    1st- 12/14/11 afternoon nap
    I was standing in the middle of my living room and my aunt and little sister were sitting on the couch. I sensed an air of animosity coming from them. I wanted to know how I got there cuz I was staying at friends while I was sleeping. Then my mom came out of no where and I pleaded with her on why everyone was mad at me and how I got to the house. She just walked right passed me and I woke up.

    2nd- 12/1411 Night
    I was wandering in hallway of my high school. I came to some stairs that led down to the schools office and leaning against the wall was my ex only he looked a little younger. He was looking at something in his hand like a phone or an ipod. He didn't even look at me when he said in a very snarky tone, "We* broke up, I'm sure you're happy to hear that." He also seemed kind of proud of what he said though. I saw him smile. Then I woke up.
    *We is referring to him and the guy he left me for, he actually said names but I'm avoiding using names.

    3rd- 12/16/11 9pm-1am
    I stood in lit my living room. It was night or at least pitch black outside. I wondered where everyone was when I could hear howling wind and thunder coming from behind me, in the east direction. I wasn't able to turn around to look in the direction. Amid the chaotic sounds I rushed to my computer to shut it off and I heard a woman's voice say ,"Something's coming, something's coming." Then I woke up.

    4th- Same night as 3rd dream
    I was walking west down a street in my town when I met up with someone I'd never seen but felt I knew personally. He looked like Logan Lerman. Next thing I know we were kissing, I felt like falling and then I wound up in a bedroom with clothes thrown everywhere. I walked out of the bedroom and the light dimmed and everything gained a tone of grey. I wandered around what I thought was a house but was just a bunch of hallways. Around one hall it was blocked off by a screen window but behind it were shadowy faceless people waiting at a window in the wall. I left that behind and came to a room which had another hall that led to another room where I saw a solid white image of my ex. I walked down the hall when 2 people stood in my way asking what I was doing. One the right was a girl around 16 with long brown hair and pale skin. To my left was a young boy around 12 with the same traits as the girl. I said i was going to break up my ex and the other guy. They immediately burst out with a NO! but I pushed passed them. Now is when the dream starts to fade but from what I remember I felt like a helpless child when I entered the room.

    Please!!! I need help with this or at least other peopls's input. Thank you

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    I'm no expert at this or anything, but the first one reminds me of being a kid where you know you're in trouble for doing something wrong, you know what that something is, but you can't understand why it's wrong.

    The second one feels like feeling guilty about something from the past but not being in a position to do anything about it now.

    The third feels like not being in control, and the fourth also feels like not being in control, but more extreme. It's like you know what's happening and what you want to achieve but you can't find a way to do it.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents. I hope it helps.



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