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Thread: My back is hurting!

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    My back is hurting!


    ʹm 22 yrs old and I have old injuries(short story, I was skiing, got pushed and fell really bad so the chestbones and some bones in my back healed the wrong way so my back got a little crocked but the docs took a x-thingy 5 years ago saying Ill be just fine, it happened when I was around 11 and I had it examed at 17)

    Anyways, a fue days now Ive been hurting really bad on my left side of my lower part of the back, its just right where the ribs are, I do situps everyday and I just got one of those strechy bands from my mom you can use, like tie them onto the door and you got yourself a work out, looks like a jump rope and now I got bumps in my armpits, should I look it up or? Noticed it after I started to use the strechy thingy. Anyways, about my back, I can hardly bend down now and it hurts so bad, I am so stiff in the mornings and evenings, it even hurts when I turn around in the bed.

    Oh one more thing, why does my head hurt really bad when or after I do situps? I can feel it in my stomache so I know I do it the right way

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    Get off the internet and go to a doctor. It's impossible to diagnose back pain online, and so far as I know there are no MD's here.

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    Go see a doctor NOW. Even if any of us did hold an MD these things need to be looked at in person and you need xrays. Call a doctor NOW.
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