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Thread: Kiss my ash wand

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    Kiss my ash wand

    Over the years i've come to identify with Witch more then any other self given label. My idea of Witchcraft constantly evolves but at the moment i feel i've found the inner structure of my craft, and its left me with clarity and confusion. I dont belong to any formal Craft lineage and my Art doesent come from books though books of every subject have served massive inspiration. Im finding it hard to form a question from my chaotic thoughts, I think rather im curious if anyone else shares my vision of Witchcraft. My mental image of the witch is the healer/hex layer. Mind reader/manipulator. Trance worker at the edges of society standing between consensual and non-consensual reality. Witchcraft seems to be an artistic vocation to me and thats how ive begun to approach it. The archetypes and symbolism inherit to the Craft are rooted in my subconscious mind now and through my own techniques of Art i manifest them for a given purpose. I read the cards, cast the bones, talk with spirits, heal/hex, and walk between worlds for individual necessity or desire whether its my own or anothers. Witchcraft has become the primary medium through which i express my artistic vision. Am I alone?
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    I think one appeal of witchcraft, for me at least, is that it emphasizes finding yourself and your journey through creating. It uses the tangible as an access point to other experiences and planes of reality, so to speak.
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