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Thread: Songs for St Patrick's Day

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    Songs for St Patrick's Day

    I bind to myself today
    The power of Heaven,
    The light of the sun,
    The brightness of the moon,
    The splendor of fire,
    The flashing of lightning,
    The swiftness of wind,
    The depth of sea,
    The stability of earth,
    The compactness of rocks.

    - St. Patrick

    Where I am, the St. Patrick's festivities begin the first weekend of March, climaxing, of course, on St. Patrick's Day, March 17.

    In North America, in the places where it's still too cold in mid-February to really do Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick's has become the main welcoming of Spring, and celebration of the Irish culture. There, everyone celebrates St. Patrick's, whether they're ethnically Irish or not, whether they're Catholic or not, whether they're even Christian or not (Locally, the Hindus bring a little Holi into the St. Patrick's celebrations).

    How this happened... North America has a strong Irish heritage, of course. But also, green is the color people there generally associate with Spring. And who doesn't want to celebrate the end of Winter and Nature's renewal?

    So, some songs. Feel free to add...

    Riverdance - Reel Around The Sun

    Riverdance - Firedance

    Enya - The Celts

    Enya - Triad

    Sinead O'Connor - Molly Malone

    Sinead O'Connor - Danny Boy

    The Pogues - Dirty Old Town

    The Dubliners & The Pogues - The Irish Rover

    The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar

    The Dubliners - The Fields of Athenry

    Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Finnegan's Wake

    Shilelagh Law - When New York Was Irish

    Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday

    The Corrs & The Chieftains - Toss the Feathers

    The Corrs & The Chieftains - Lough Erin Shore

    And, here's Chicago's multi-award winning Trinity Irish Dancers

    Gan Ainm Irish Dancers performing The Fairy Reel

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    Sometimes I think I live in the dance studio.
    865 - The St Patrick's Day ceili dance (one of my fave ceilis!) - Solas with Irish dancers (one of my all-tme favourite videos. Those dancers go to my school. <3)

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    They're very good.

    Some of the local celebrations (since I mntioned we start with the first weekend in March)...

    It starts with the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park...

    On the Saturday before St. Patrick's, the action shifts to Greenville Avenue and the connected Mockingbird Station, Lakewood, Knox-Henderson, and nearby McKinney Avenue for a parade and block party that goes on into the next morning, with more celebrations on St. Patrick's Day (though, this year, it will fall on that Saturday). The beer trucks have police escorts.

    A couple of years back, local girl Erykah Badu made a controvsial music video during this that outraged the rest of the country. The locals didn't bat an eye, because a little public nudity on that weekend isn't exactly shocking.

    Excessive? Who, us?

    People getting there, that morning...

    And, the festivities... (Warning, strong language) (Warning, more strong language)

    People are really happy to see the end of Winter around here.
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    Great idea for a thread! Here are some of my favorites that I have found on Youtube:

    Song of Oisin by Anúna

    One of my favorite Anúna songs.

    Metallica Whiskey in the Jar
    I am not a metal type person at all, but I love this version!

    Riverdance: The Countess Cathleen

    I'll post more as I think of them!
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