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Thread: Weird trial dream...

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    Embarrassed Weird trial dream...

    I just had a horrible dream.

    My parents were divorced and I was "living" with my dad -- only, I wasn't. His place was cool, though. It just high up on the mountains and I remember watching lightening and storming down in the valley. But the strange thing was that I couldn't really find it. I would walk around and be lost. Other times I'd be there, in it.

    The scary part, though, was that I was also "living" in a hotel. I didn't really know this at the time either. It was mixed with my fathers place. It seemed I spent more time at the hotel but I always, always seemed able to came home to sleep.

    Just about the time I was realizing these two places (in the dream, they were superimposed on each other) and I was becoming even more grounded in my dads place, it was like I was yanked back to the hotel. In the hotel, they wanted me out. I had, temporarily, forgotten about it again. Now I went back, into my shared room. I walked around my bed. It had tons of plastic bags from groceries but I didn't recognize it at first.

    It took a while but eventually I remembered. This was when the hotel started hammering at me to evict me and this terrified me. I remember -- and this is horribly silly to me now -- they got into one of my bags and pointed out that there was an M&M mint package in there along with notebooks. Obviously, these two didn't belong in the same bag and I must have stolen the M&Ms. That was the case.

    They put me on an actual trial. I was still going back to my dads place but the terror of the hotel seemed to ground me there stronger. There were maids all around me. They were staring at the "thief". The head maid testified against me in this trial thingy. At the same time, I was hooked up to this hotel radio show that was *also* weighing my guilt (they gave me the assumed name of 'Erica'.)

    OMG. In my mind, though, the thought that this was a set up finally pushed through. I was still terrified but then I realized that I never slept at the hotel anyway. I always slept at home. This started to calm me but then I realized I hadn't paid for the hotel (though that hadn't been brought up at that point.)

    I woke up gasping. It was incredibly vivid. T_T And sounds incredibly stupid. But if it was so damn vivid, there should be a meaning, right? My heart is still beating hard. Any ideas?

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    Are your parents actually divorced?

    Your dream could indicate that you're having difficulty relating with your father or finding a place in his life.
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