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Thread: Welsh deities?

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    Welsh deities?

    Hey, just anybody interested in the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Wales? I was reading a few Welsh myths a while back, and I was surprised at how they resonated with me. I'd always figured I'd be more interested in the Irish Gods and myths since that's my heritage. So far my favorites are about the Goddesses Arianrhod, Rhiannon, and Branwen. Does anyone know of any good information sources on Welsh Gods and myths (books, websites, etc.)?
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    well basially any translation of The Mabinogion .
    Also a good book would be The Celtic Heroic Age edited by John T.Koch with John Carey.

    this website is good for resources in general Celtic traditions including deities.

    eventually this blog might be helpful to Welsh's a growing one for deities in general not just Celtic.
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    Arthurian legend?

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    It seems the Welsh pantheon is often overlooked. There's less info to find online for the Welsh gods compared to say, the Irish. You can find info though, if you look.

    There's a novelization of the The Mabinogion you might be interested in--
    The Mabinogion Tetralogy - Evangeline Walton

    Mabinogion Tetralogy
    Prince of Annwn. November 1974.
    The Children of Llyr. August 1971.
    The Song of Rhiannon. August 1972.
    The Virgin and the Swine. November 1936. Republished as The Island of the Mighty. July 1970.

    Or you can find it all on one book as an Omnibus.

    I've read some of it. It's good.
    The reviews are really high too.

    There's also an online shrine for Manannán mac Lir --

    Also this site has articles and info:
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