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Thread: Never done or had an online Tarot reading... but I am curious

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    Never done or had an online Tarot reading... but I am curious

    I have read Tarot a decent number of times to understand how it works and I am confident in my style in which I read the cards. It is normally a very personal thing to me and have only done so face to face. However; I am somewhat interested in trying to do an online/distant style of reading in order to test my own abilities. There are certain things about it that make me slightly skeptical of how it would work (I believe energies are drawn from a person when present and I allow them to shuffle the cards) but that will not be possible.

    So here is the scoop: I will take an offer for someone who is interested in a reading. I do have some guidelines though.
    First and foremost, if you are interested in a reading, I do not want you to explain your situation to me. A simple "I am interested" or something along the lines is all that is necessary.
    Secondly, I do not guarantee any accuracy because I have not read Tarot like this before and it is very new to me. What I hope to achieve from this is not completely altruistic. I wish to gain understanding for myself while at the same time, I am genuinely interested in trying to help you with your questions.
    Thirdly, I like the idea of being able to communicate on a live basis. Perhaps some sort of messenger that enables instant responses. This helps because I want to draw one card at a time and discuss the card and determine the accuracy of that card. This will allow me to paint a clearer picture.
    Fourth, I am not a psychic. I firmly believe that I have very good insight and have a decent ability to read into certain things. I am hoping that in due time I can really fine tune these skills of mine and make them become a more beneficial aspect of my life. So once again, I am not a psychic and my readings, when given and told to be extremely accurate at times, are not because I have some extra sensory ability. I am just a middleman between you and the cards. The cards are influenced by your energy. This however brings me back to an earlier statement of how accurate this reading may be. Without you shuffling and focusing on and with the cards, I will have to try and think of some other way of allowing your energy to be present with me.

    Any other questions and stipulations will be answered here or PM if you like!

    I am a busy person, so please, allow me a moment to get back to you so we can work something out!

    Thank you for taking an interest in my request and I hope the cosmos allow us to work some magick.

    Have a great day!

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    I look forward to talking with you on Skype.

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    Thanks for the great reading. Just wanted to let others on the forum know that you are a very experienced reader.

    Lady Marian



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