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Thread: KKK Tries to Recruit Idaho’s Only Black Female Legislator

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    KKK Tries to Recruit Idaho’s Only Black Female Legislator

    Uh... Maybe they're trying to branch out?

    Ok, it was probably either a mistake or a veiled threat on their part:

    Democratic representative Cherie Buckner-Webb is the only black elected official in the state of Idaho, and so when a hand-addressed envelope containing an application for Ku Klux Klan membership arrived at her house, she was understandably annoyed. And confused.The invitation requested that Buckner-Webb attest to the following,
    I am a White Christian man or woman. I am not married to a nonwhite. I do not date nonwhites nor do I have nonwhite dependents. I practice my belief in racial integrity. I believe in the ideals of Western Christian Civilization and profess my belief in jesus Christ as the Son of God. I understand that the Knights is a legal and law-abiding political movement and that I will never be asked to commit an unlawful act. I understand that I can resign at any time.
    The application also listed the Klan's membership rates — $35 for an adult, $45 for a married couple, and only $20 for Klan Kidz 17 and under.
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    That is just too funny. Computer junk mail from the KKK?

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    A black democrat in Idaho? She might be the only person in the whole state who fits into either category.
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    Klan Kidz? Excuse me... *throws up*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyeris View Post
    Klan Kidz? Excuse me... *throws up*
    Oh yay! Indoctrination!
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