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    Any Ideas? I'm stumped. Please?

    So, I had a dream this morning, but I am not sure what it meant. I feel very strongly that it is significant, though. I was hoping to get some ideas from others.

    I was in my yard at night and my arms were out and there was gold(bright, yellow-looking gold, like it was in the sunlight) stuff pouring from my palms. I see a woman over the fence who looks a lot like me. I am not sure if she was me or maybe an ancestor(we do a lot of work with the ancestors and I strikingly resemble some relatives who have passed on) or something else entirely. She had the same stuff pouring from her palms, only hers was light purple. Our eyes met somehow and I knew shew wanted to come into the yard. So I opened the gate and let her in. She came in and it was like we had a conversation without speaking. She told me she wanted to give me red(It was a deep, dark red, but it had some bits of other shades of red(brighter, lighter) in it). I was surprised since blues or silvers or golds are normally my colors. She informed me that she could give me any color I wanted. It was up to me to choose, but she felt red was what I needed. I got the impression this(or something like it) would happen again so I shouldn't stress about what to decide. I told her red was fine and that I trusted her knowing. She smiled at me and smeared it on my hands, forehead, a little above the center of my chest, the base of my neck, behind and over my ears, over my eyes, poured it over me(from my head to my toes), and then made me eat it(like she put one hand holding a bunch of it into my mouth and covered my face with the other putting more from that hand in too and smeared it around my mouth and some got up my nose. I inhaled the stuff accidentally(I think she wanted that, though)). I was under the impression it was ashes, but it looked more like salt. I woke up after she was done. The whole dream no one spoke out loud, but we did have a conversation.
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