Read some additional news sources on this...

Seems the dog was a Golden Retriever - Labrador mix. Dogs most people assume are okay to be left alone with kids even though they are hunting and retrieving dogs and fairly prone to bite.

Some reports say that "Lucky" was the second dog in the household and that they had another dog, a yellow lab.

And, yes... there was real parental neglect going on.

On Monday, Coroner Chris Nisbet released his findings on the autopsy of Aiden Lee McGrew, of Sandpoint Drive in Ridgebille. He lists the cause of death as exsanguination, due to transection of blood vessels, due to animal eating, due to parental neglect.

He lists the manner of death as homicide.
I mean... when the mother arrived home the father was still asleep. And who goes to sleep leaving a 2 month old alone but brings a 3 year old with them? And continues to sleep while the child is supposedly being mauled? You bring your child with you INTO the room you are in and you keep the dogs outside. Is a 2 month old even supposed to be in one of those swings for extended periods of time? Not to mention left alone?

I don't know. Something is off about the whole thing. *shrugs*