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Thread: New member, yay!

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    New member, yay!

    Hello everyone!
    First off, thank you to the mod staff for being kind to me when I had a panic about the status of my account. <3

    And now, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Fluff. Nice to meet you. Bit of background on me: I'm 21 years old and I live a little bit outside Baltimore. I'm currently on an academic break, fighting anxiety and depression, but I have plans to go back to school part-time in the fall. I'm extremely friendly, if a bit shy/nervous at first, and I can be a bit of a cuddle monster. I love music and bright colors, people who dress themselves interestingly, the beauty of our world, and making people's lives a little happier in whatever way I can.

    After being varying degrees of interested for... most of a year, I think? I've decided to start researching Paganism to see if maybe I can find a place for myself. I joined this forum because in the few days I've been actively hunting the internet for information, I've found myself completely overwhelmed. For the life of me I can't find a starting point that feels right, and, as I'm living with my Christian parents, I'm absolutely terrified of being found out. So I guess it's anxiety twofold - one part information overload, one part fear of discovery and parental rejection. I guess I'm here because I need guidance, badly. And as there's a lot of people here, I hope I'll be able to find some help.

    Merry Meet, many hugs, & PLUR!!

    - Fluff

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    Welcome friend I hope you find a place here. There is so much diversity here. What specifically drew you to Paganism? Do you have a specific part you are interested in?
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    First of all, welcome to MW!

    You'll find a lot of seekers here, so you're not the only one looking for the right path for you!

    We have a subforum for anyone new to all paths, it's called "New Pagans" and the link to it is in my signature. Feel free to poke around, ask questions and soak up all the new knowledge you want! We also have "Paths" forums here, for specific paths/belief systems, and there is a lot of information, etc about different paths in there too.. It's in the "Discover" area of MW, and is called "Path Specific Forums".

    I hope you enjoy your time in here, and find the path that is right for you!

    I understand about not wanting your Christian parents to find out you're interested in paganism... My mother is a fundamental Christian and FLIPS each time I mention the fact that I have pagan friends! So you're not alone in that respect either.

    Again, welcome to our large and diverse home!
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    Hello and Welcome!!! MysticWicks is such a wonderful site!! You will feel right at home in no time. I have been a member for a few weeks now and love it here.

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    Welcome to MW!!!



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