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Thread: Heart Attack Grill Lives Up to its name. Again.

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    Heart Attack Grill Lives Up to its name. Again.

    I just don't understand some people.

    It looks like the Heart Attack Grill is doing everything it possibly can to not be accused of false advertising. On Saturday, the Las Vegas eatery claimed its second victim of 2012 when a woman collapsed and had to be wheeled out by paramedics after smoking, drinking, dancing and dining on the "Double Bypass Burger" the Heart Attack Grill proudly serves.

    The restaurant, which prides itself on being one of the most unhealthiest establishments in America, is owned by the incredibly charming Joe Basso, said about the incident, "I wish her a full and swift recovery, but the woman got exactly what she asked for: a brush with death."
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    I just don't even.
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    Considering she's probably been smoking, drinking and eating crap for a long time; the one pound of ground beef, cheese and 10 slices of bacon just pushed it over the edge.

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    I actually love this concept. If people want to kill themselves with food, then by all means. Do it.

    It is not like this restaurant is covertly ruining people. It caters to people hell-bent on killing themselves slowly with overindulgence and the warnings about how dangerous the food is are plain to everyone. At least these people will almost die as they almost lived.
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    Suicide by grease?


    I'm sorry, unless she is blind, deaf and dumb she had to be aware all the crap she was doing and eating was going to kill her. I have zero sympathy.



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