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Thread: Chronic pain....

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    Chronic pain....

    I just turned 50 this month and for all of my 50 years I have internalized my stress and anxiety to the point that I can physically become ill. I learned to do this at a very young age because of the abuse I took as a child. Along with the abuse if I showed any sort of grief as a result there would have been more trouble for me so I kept it inside. I don't do this on purpose it's just the way it is. As a result I am now in a tremendous amount of physical pain and yes, I have seen the doctors and they can't find anything wrong. I do have a neuro condition that has progressed to the point of having to use a cane when I walk. I have also to turned to holistic medicine such as accupuncture and do get some relief. I am relearning how to handle the stressers in my life instead of the stressers handling me but while I do this I am asking for any help from anyone who is able to do so. I ask for energy to be sent my way for strength as well as healing. If anybody has guidence on how to let go of stress your advice would be so appreciated. Thank you so much for even taking your time to read this.

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    Hugs and positive vibes on their way to you.

    Just wondered whether you have considered using a bioflow magnetic bracelet - I have one which I use for the aches and pains associated with ME/CFS and it really seems to help.

    As for releasing stress - there is a forum post about "cutting the cords" which might help.

    Blessings to you
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