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Thread: "Religious Freedom"

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    Unhappy "Religious Freedom"

    So, in my state businesses will be able to use their religious "beliefs" to disciminate against people.
    The bill states against using discrimination against the equal opportunity guidelines (gender, age, etc.) but could still be used against
    the LBGT and pagan community who openly practice acceptance of other's beliefs..I already have enough trouble living in the Red State as a pagan, as well as my homosexual friends
    who cannot marry their longtime love and who are treated differently than the rest of the community. But it is still my right to live freely in this State along with the fundamentalist
    community. Places like Hobby Lobby where I get a lot of my art supplies are also openly Christian, could potentially refuse service to me just because I walk in with a pentacle around
    my neck. Hopefully that does not happen but it is an example.

    The bill has already been passed in House...I would hope that if it does pass, that most businesses do not use it to project hate.
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    That's ****ed up. So because you accept another's beliefs, they have the right to not accept yours? How hypocritical is that?!

    And the fact that you wouldn't have a leg to stand on legally should you be discriminated against because of your faith is ****ed up.

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    This is why Supreme Courts exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiberias View Post
    This is why Supreme Courts exist.
    I don't have a great deal of confidence that a Court that decided corporations are people with greater free speech rights than ordinary citizens, wouldn't claim the same for religious rights.

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    While this is a very screwed up idea, don't forget that business don't worship God as much as they would like everyone to believe. They worship the almighty dollar more than anything, and if you got money to spend, they'll let you. Also, if the bill passes, find out who the owners of certain openly Christian stores are. Your example of Hobby Lobby is true, they do sell a lot of items marketed towards Christians, but part of that it is the economic basis, and Jesus sells. I use to live in a place that had a Hobby Lobby(which is a franchise, like McDonalds) that was owned by a Japanese family who were Buddhists, but still sold hella Christian paraphernalia just because it was the company model and it brought them in quite a bit of cash.

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    In practical terms, I don't think this changes things all that much. Businesses have always been able to refuse service. Anti-discrimination laws are easily gotten around with whatever pretext the business can make up.
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    Really this comes down to being a "have your cake and eat it to" situation.
    If a business wants to discriminate that is their prerogative... however they have to be willing to forfeit their benefits as a community simulator.
    If they aren't going to serve the whole community at large they should not receive any tax breaks, incentives or any other thing which would affect the taxes of said community.
    Likewise, certain zoning should be forfeit such as having their shop on the town square or community space.

    Either you part of the community or aren't.
    When they are ready to concede those privileges to maintain their religious convictions then i will take them serious but not until then.
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