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Thread: I could really use some energy right now :(

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    I could really use some energy right now :(

    Merry meet dear friends

    I haven't been around much lately but I could really use any hugs, prayers and energies that you can spare.

    The love of my life is breaking his heart over a woman that he knew many years ago but failed to take a chance and ask her out. They are now back in contact - thanks to Friends Reunited and are emailing every day. He says that he loves me and isn't going to leave but I have spent the last three years just waiting for exactly that to happen. And now to make things worse, this lady and her three daughters are coming over for a visit and want to meet up (they live in New Zealand).

    Things are a bit of a worry financially as neither of us has a job - just nothing around here - and our savings are dwindling. Plus we obviously spend a lot of time together because of the unemployment issue and I have had ME/CFS for the last 12 years (although I am finally off to see a specialist (this Friday) to try to get some sort of resolution to the health issues).

    I am trying very hard not to have a pity party but I feel so down at the moment, especially as my darling mum who was my best friend died nearly 4 years ago and I could really use her help now.

    So, basically, I feel alone and helpless right now and would appreciate anything you can send my way.

    Thank you all so much.
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    Keeping you in my thoughts. and love!
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    (((HUGS!!))) oh my, you poor sweetheart My heart breaks for you. I hope things are working out in your favor...kudos to you for being so wonderfully supportive to your love, I hope he realizes how truly lucky he is to have you.
    “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure” ~ Peter Marshall



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