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Thread: Suffocation in a dream?

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    Suffocation in a dream?

    (I missed this site so much ; u ; )

    So I had a series of dreams earlier tonight and I find the one part of it interesting. I was running around and playing in this place (I feel like it's near the ocean) and I found my friend by these stairs. Then all of the sudden I can't breathe and everything starts getting fuzzy and dark. I grab onto the sleeve of his jacket in my thumb and index finger way of grabbing onto people and then all of the sudden two doctors appear and he puts one of those breathing masks on me.
    I end up breathing again, but I just found that interesting :/

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    I've had something similar to the fuzzy and dark part of your dream. Turned out I was responding to someone having a nightmare by moving closer to them even though I was still dreaming (apparently I was talking as well). I tend to think of those moments as intermission to check on my environment to make sure everything is okay, but then I just go back into the dream more deeply. Mayhap that was what the breathing mask was all about.
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