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Thread: Still Skeptical

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    Still Skeptical

    I wander in and out of here every few months. I'm definitely an atheist... although I admit sometimes it might just be my stubbornness that makes me that way. (I do things for myself, I don't like to rely on others, I believe in working for what you want, not believing that things will work out if they're meant to be, etc. and I guess I take that all the way to the notion of a higher being. I believe I'm on my own.)

    It's been ten years since I was a practicing pagan, but I don't think the interest has ever left me. I still buy crystals and tarot cards, and I still think about their meanings and uses, even though I don't actually believe they do anything. (Most of the time, anyway.) I've been explaining bits of paganism to my (Catholic) boyfriend, because we've been watching Supernatural, and sometimes I get a little riled by the "witchcraft is demon work" plots. He asked me to show him tarot, and I got pretty excited comparing and contrasting my decks and doing a few readings for him. We're likely going to Boston and Salem this October, and I definitely want to check out some of their shops and museums.

    I don't really have a point here, I guess. I've always been interested in religion in general. My bookshelf contains a pile of atheist/science books, quite a bit of pagan/witchcraft, some eastern philosophy, a Bible, and two memoirs on Judaism. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I like paganism, even if I don't actively participate.

    On the other hand, I was really, truly, bubbly-happy when I believed. Happier than I've ever been... before or after. It seems stupid not to try to get that back. Also, I don't know how much you guys hate me for being a "fan" rather than a believer. :P

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    Who are we to judge you? Much less hate you for your beilefs?
    If learning and reading and tarot bring you joy - then go for it!
    If being a "pagan fan" is where you choose to be - have at it.
    If you want to be an athiest - great!
    If you want to do all the above and are happy knowing for yourself where you stand, that is fantastic.
    Your thoughts, interests and to beliefs do not have to be mutually exclusive.

    Have fun planning your trip to Boston and Salem - sounds like a fun time.
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    It's not uncommon for atheists and skeptics to have a huge interest in religion and different spiritual cults and traditions.

    My husband and I are both big fans of shows such as Supernatural and delight in pointing out factual errors in folklore, mythology and angelology as well as demonology.

    I have Buddha statues starting to litter up the house, incense holders, a tarot deck and several books on witchcraft, paganism, bibles and my computer has Sutras, information about this and that all through it. It's not uncommon at all. As we strive for knowledge and wisdom we collect it from all corners and areas. The parts of some religious practices that have merit, such as meditation and affirmations, we keep with us and expand on.

    My husband is well versed in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Angelology, Demonology, Occultism and similar while I am fairly well versed in Buddhism, Christianity, Mythology regarding the Norse, Egyptian and Greek pantheons as well as Paganism, Wicca and general Witchcraft. Also folklore, herbal lore and aromatherapy and somewhat in crystals. We are both atheists and skeptics.

    The more you learn about an area, it's history, folklore, mythology etc the more you can understand the people, traditions and social structures that survive to this day.

    We're fascinated by these things, and as such learn about them. All these stories that have been made up and edited by humans throughout the ages are extremely interesting and useful to us all, regardless of lack of belief or belief.

    As far as happiness, I am happier now than when I though I was a believer. I have realized that lack of belief does not take away from my life, it adds to it a certain amount of autonomy, responsibility and freedom. And that, that is awesome.
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