So I was just playing Minecraft, not thinking about anything remotely related to this, when all of a sudden the chorus to this song comes into my head:-

Music is one of the ways I've been sent messages, at times. This is also usually how it happens, as well; I'll be doing something else, and the lyrics of a song which I usually won't have heard for years, randomly come into my head.

The thing at the moment, however, is that I have no idea why this song in particular would come to me at the moment. I do have some suspicions; one of which that it is in relation to my father, who it's true that I have had long term, fairly serious issues with, but I at least thought I'd forgiven him. There's also someone else I knew in 2009, who felt that he'd had this song sent to him by the departed spirit of his mother, so there is that association as well.

I know people here don't know me from the proverbial bar of soap, most likely; so I guess what I'm asking for is the proverbial cold read. I know they can be hard, but if anyone has any impressions as a result of this, I'd appreciate it if you'd share.