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Thread: Bridal Party: Disney's Got You! Or Does It?

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    Bridal Party: Disney's Got You! Or Does It?

    I'm having a hard time picking out a representative quote from this article, since it does flit around a bit, bit I think it's an interesting subject. Basically, it's a rant on Disney's package-deal weddings put together with criticism of princess culture.

    I find the second video kind of disturbing. WTF is up with that lady selling the notion that the only two "glows" in a woman's life are the "wedding glow" and the "baby glow?" A woman who honestly believes that must either a) lead a very depressing life, b) get married a lot, or c) be constantly pregnant!

    I also think it's likely that Disney will come out with a "Disney Villain" wedding line soon, though I suspect the author of the article only said that because she doesn't expect to see it happen.
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    Yeah, that second video was disturbing. I think Disney or "princess culture" helped along some of my friend's unrealistic views on dating and marrying.
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