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Thread: On Overweight Pagans

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    Quote Originally Posted by underblackice View Post
    I should have clarified my question more: why are so many pagans not healthy when paganism in general focuses on the beauty of nature?
    Something doesn't have to be healthy, or not overweight, to be beautiful.

    To answer your question though, there are pagans into and drawn to the whole primal/paleo/bushcraft thing(I for one to a certain extent), but that's just them. Those under the umbrella pagan labels are very diverse, and actually there's only so much of pagan paleolithic hunter/gather practices that we know of for modern inspiration aside from surviving ingenious tribal cultures. For many that do follow paths that follow days centered around agriculture&agrarian cycles, well, the advent of agriculture was a turning point in man's health.

    Also as mentioned obesity isn't an issue among paganism as it's a pretty common issue among 1st world countries. I know plenty of fit&healthy pagans that actually know sod all about nature in this modern age. Heck not many Astrologers nowadays can function without computers.
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    Nothing to do with pagans and everything to do with individuals. Each person has their own combination of genetics physical health Ans lifestyle. I'm not overweight per say but I'm not happy with it either. Mybig probably is that I'd rather read or play a game then exercise
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