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Thread: Call For Submissions! Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts

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    Lightbulb Call For Submissions! Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts

    Hi there all!

    I've been on this site under many usernames since I was 13. Nearly ten years later, here I am - and richer for it. The folks who make this site what it is have educated me, helped me think critically, and have opened my mind to new ideas. I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am now in my practice if it weren't for MysticWicks!

    A big hole exists where an occult publication I'd like to see exist should be. I'm trying to fill that hole - and I need you to help me, to help make this project something awesome. I want something critical, something affordable, something that isn't 101, something that involves lots of different facets of belief. Below, I'm posting the official call. Please circulate widely to any you feel may be interested!

    For more information, check out:
    Email: hagstonejournal at gmail dot com

    I hope to hear from you! And if you want to help out or have ideas to make this publication super fantabulous, I'd love to hear about that too.

    With love,



    About Hagstone

    “Any occultist who claims to have secrets is a fake. All wisdom is an open book to those who would read it.”
    Letter from Robert Cochrane to Joe Wilson, 1966

    Hagstone is critical, contemporary, alive.
    Hagstone aims to provide the opportunity for witches and magical practitioners of varying backgrounds, ideologies, and subject positions to promote and engage in intelligent, critical discussion and sharing. When witchcraft and magic are concerned, misinformation and misrepresentation rule, and Hagstone boldly puts one step forward in an effort to change that. Many people (practitioners and scholars alike) do not understand, on a fundamental level, the unending variety and innovation that exists today, pioneered by those who call magic and witchcraft their home – and thus Hagstone is born. Hagstone is not witchcraft 101.

    Hagstone is magic without bullshit.

    Hagstone aims to spread information in an egalitarian way. As such, fancy hardcover hand-bound books are not appropriate for us. We take our direction from the world of zines – affordable DIY books, often photocopied, so that our voices may reach people of varying financial situations. We aim to combine the DIY and anarchistic ethic of zines with a developed and mature sense of aesthetics and design for a final product that is both beautiful to behold, easy on the wallet, and nourishing for the mind.


    Call For Submissions


    Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts welcomes submissions from all practitioners of magic and witchcraft for our inaugural issue. The theme for this volume is ‘Beginning,’ to mark our entrance into the world. The theme is not meant to be stifling, but freeing – please feel free to interpret the word in any way you wish.

    We are interested in both deeply personal pieces about one’s own magical practice, as well as more scholarly essays which rely heavily on theory. And if your work falls somewhere in between – that’s okay too! All voices have a place in Hagstone. Please note that below where the word ‘witchcraft’ is used, ‘magic’ can easily replace it. We welcome submissions concerning non-European forms of witchcraft, magic, and energy work, which may use a different name. We are not currently accepting visual works, poetry, or fiction.

    Here’s a list of topics we find to be super interesting. We’d love to hear your take on anything listed below. However, this list is far from exhaustive! If it’s not listed, we’d still likely love to hear about it. What would you like to see? If you can help make this list better and more inclusive, don’t hesitate to email us at HagstoneJournal at or send us an ask.

    - queer/non-binary/trans* issues in witchcraft and/or paganism
    - dis/ability issues in witchcraft and/or paganism
    - personal & experiential witchcraft
    - witchcraft as mediumship
    - spirit contact/mediumship
    - group/solitary witchcraft
    - witchcraft in praxis: method, technique, etc
    - non-pagan witchcraft
    - non-Eurocentric witchcraft
    - witchcraft & hetero/cis-normativity
    - atheistic witchcraft
    - issues of representation within witchcraft and/or paganism
    - syncretism in witchcraft
    - alternate forms of magical practice
    - the intersections between religion and magic

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    Hey all -

    Just wanted to bump this so it gets more exposure. We'd love to hear from you - if you want to get involved in the process, just want to write something for us, or if you have any ideas on how this project can be more successful, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm not aware of anything that does what we are aiming to do - create a space where magical practitioners of different stripes can share their philosophies and experiences.

    I was first on MW when I was 14. (I'm a lot older now, obviously.) My time here helped me to become a more well-rounded, thoughtful, open-minded and aware practitioner of the magical arts, and for that I'm ever thankful. I hope to provide a similar forum in this zine!

    Thanks for hearing me out, and do share this with folks you feel might dig it!

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