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    Unhappy Recurring dream themes

    I've been having recurring dreams that are all different in content but what I'm doing is pretty much the same thing in them all (like I'm just donning new clothes each dream.)

    In my dreams, I'm always either looking for rooms to move into or am looking for a new house to move to. I never find anything that I feel is right for me. It always seems to go like this: either I don't find suitable rooms or I'm really unsure about the house.

    When it's house hunting, the house is never one I have to pay for with money and I'm generally taking over for someone else. Since the houses are "free", I feel this suspicion and/or fear that I'm taking advantage of someone or that I'm not up for whatever it is the houses previous occupants did. There is also a fair bit of "I can't believe this house is free; I'm either stealing this house, they aren't telling me something, or I'm being set up." The previous owners generally try to reassure me that it's okay for me to move in and I really want to, but I don't trust what they're saying.

    For rooms and/or apartments, I'm wondering around and I never find rooms that I like. There isn't really the uncertainty as with the houses. For one reason or another, they're just not good enough or what I want. For example, the last dream I had dealing with rooms I had my cat with me. I was in a theater (my first paying job) and I was carrying my recently deceased cat in my arms. I was looking for rooms that would allow him to stay with me (I had to put him to sleep a couple months ago) and some part of me knew none of these rooms would allow for that. They are hated my cat. I don't know how I could think rooms would feel emotions but there it is.

    They always take whatever topical problem I'm having atm. I have them regularly now. I'm not actively house hunting at the moment. XD Just wanted to say.

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    Recurring dreams (and most dreams in general) are deeply tied into our subconscious preoccupations. Whatever the nature of dreams, dealing with what's going on in our lives and in our minds seems to be a primary function of dreaming. If you keep experiencing similar situations that cause similar feelings in dreams, you might look for situations in your waking life which kick off the same internal processes. Recurring dreams in which you feel negative or uncomfortable feelings, or are faced with difficult decisions, are, in particular, a cue to examine what's going on in your waking life. It's kind of like your subconscious is saying "HEY, YOU, LOOK AT THIS!"

    Another thing I'd like to make note of is that people in general may share some of the same symbolism in their dreams, simply because of shared cultural experiences, but because we each have different subconscious minds formed by different psychological experiences throughout our lives, our personal symbols do differ quite a lot. Consulting a dream dictionary may be very hit or miss for this reason, and the easiest way to figure out what something means in a dream is to examine its emotional content and meaning for you specifically. A house, for example, to me can and probably will mean something very different to you.

    You said that in the first subset of dreams, you feel "suspicion and/or fear that I'm taking advantage of someone or that I'm not up for whatever it is the houses previous occupants did" etc. Is there anything that makes you feel similar feelings in a current or recurring situation in your life at present? Or perhaps something that should but doesn't elicit those feelings?

    Another angle to look at it from is, what do houses, apartments, and rooms each variously represent to you personally? What emotional processes do you have tied to those things? What instant memories and feelings do they call to mind? What about your cat? What does your mind throw at you when you turn it towards examination of these symbols?

    Those are all questions to ask and answer for yourself, plus whatever others which spring to mind as you reflect.

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    I've always had reccuring dreams about houses too. I always felt for me the house represented me, and each room represented different aspects of my life. When I was a teen I had night mares where I would go look out a window in my house, or go to the door of my house and there would be someone in a white sheet, w/ eyes cut out in hi tops staring back at me. It took me years to figure out that it was me, staring back at myself, blocking myself. I dream about different houses, and different areas but I do it often enough that I recognize them in my dreams. Usually for me detailed dreams are significantly meaningful. Have you tried meditating on it?
    Just thought I'd add my pennies.
    hope it helps
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