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Thread: Have you ever died in a dream?

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    Have you ever died in a dream?

    I have this dream on a regular basis.. the situations are always different.. example: the first time i remember having a dream where i died in the dream it was almost a cartoonish version of the movie tango and cash (stalone and kurt russel)

    The thing that seems very interesting to me, is that every time I have these dreams, when i die, the dream doesn't end there. It becomes like a movie that I'm just watching everything and the people in it. i never have any effect on the situations played out in them after the point in which i've died. Also.. I'm always calm throughout the whole dream, almost like i knew that i was going to die in the begining of the dreams and even after it happens in the dream, i'm amazingly calm and ok with the fact that i'm dead. Mind you I always seem to die very soon after the dream starts.

    I'm trying to figure out what it means, and the only conclusion i have come to is that I am truly not afraid of death. Now that being said.. I don't want to die.. Just seems wierd to me. Any input would be appreciated, as these dreams always leave me extremely confused as to what they mean, but don't seem to have any other patern than what I've mentioned.

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    I did it once. I got shot in the head and dream-me just kind of went numb or something. I don't remember if it went on after that or not.
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