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Thread: Registration Closed (Temporarily)

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    Mol can add you to his license as someone authorized to download files. If he needs help figuring out how to do that, let me know. I can send him the instructions.

    Once you have the download, it's pretty simple. the vbstopforumspam includes 3-4 files that you'll need to move to the server via cpanel or ftp as well as the product that you import via the admin panel.

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    I LOVE StopForumSpam!! Handiest site online to see if someone (or something) is a spammer or spambot!
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    Yeah, StopForumSpam is really helpful. We used to get way less new registrants, average of 50 tops. It was a lot easier to go through the accounts daily and check them against the SFS website. But then something happened and a flood of spammers would come daily. It's impossible now to manually check them with the SFS website, but the Mod does the work for you. It'd be awesome if it could be added, but it seems things are conspiring against me.

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    Yes, sounds like you need some kind of captcha plugun and maybe something to note suspicious behavior for moderator inspection.
    Meanwhile, an option is to change the registration think so it goes to a simple html form, whereby one can request the creation of an account pending admin approval. This may be a pain, being one more administrative duty but it will help keep the forum going.

    As for people not getting emails, I would
    a) check what mailserver/daemon settings the forum software has and see if it looks right
    b) create an account with various email providers as test accounts.... and go from there.
    Have people check their bulk/spam folder, and also- there is a possibility the MW is blacklisted by their email provider
    due to it being a target for spam and reviews of the site. I sent someone a link to MW and he said it tripped his antivrus/antimalware/etc.,
    I've also noticed that certain domains, especially not commonly known ones that host subdomains are more likely to trip security when visited from MW. If this is what is going on it may take some elbow grease to get the sites rep up.
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