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Thread: Can someone help me with this dream?

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    Can someone help me with this dream?

    Last night I had a scary and depressing dream that i have no idea what it could mean?

    It started in a summer house with a bunch of people I didn't know and we were all moving to a different location. One of them gives me a pound of illegal drugs and tells me to smuggle them through security when we get onto the plane. I really didn't want to do this and was really scared but everyone was saying its fine and stuff.. and told me to stop being a baby. We then trasnfer to my room, its night and im sharing my empty bedroom with two strangers ( who i knew in the dream). my bed was a playground metal slide and there was a night light lit under it. I heard a girl playing in the house next to us, I could hear her playing in the backyard , and she runs back inside the house. The aunt gets extremely angry to find the little girl playing and still up at night all i hear from there is the little girl screaming begging her aunt to stop hitting her. it sounded extremely violent and horrible and then i woke up .

    What could this dream mean?? I really would appreciate someones insight on this! thank you.

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    I'm guessing that your dream is warning you about people's attitude, that you've been walked over or someone could do this again. This is referring to strangers you met with the illegal drugs. Making you do things you know is wrong, is telling you to stick to your principles.

    The sounds of the girl is interesting. Is that an echo of your past distress or anxieties? Or is that a recorded memory (spirits revealing an echo of their lives)?
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