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Thread: single parent relationships - my child

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    single parent relationships - my child

    so m 10yr old and i get along pretty well

    have been a single parent all this while

    due to hectic schedules i do not date, i tried before but my plate was too full

    well, i notice that each time i put it out in the universe to find a mate, my child is affected

    not that i discuss it with child. but when going to bed when i spiritually "invoke" a partner, something happens

    on those nights, child will suddenly come into my room at night to sleep and mention a nightmare

    yesterday i was thinking for 2013 i really need a good male in my life, i even researched rituals to do with rose water, etc

    that was late, at night as i could not fall asleep

    well how about this morning my child came into my bed crying, talking of a nightmare that i had got married and the new husband was not accepting, saying that in the dream i went to the store and the new husband put child out.

    i consoled child but these occurrences are getting sort of weird

    can anyone explain?

    maybe we have a soul connection that needs some nurturing??? confused parent???

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    Your son's worried about the future, possibly worried about you atm. Do you often talk to him about you looking for a man? Perhaps he isn't ready for some stranger entering his life and home.

    May I ask what kind of spells you're doing? Some types of magical love spells don't work but cause the opposite. It depends on the kind of man you're looking for.
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