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Thread: Xoana Class Starship (Star Trek)

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    Xoana Class Starship (Star Trek)

    A phaser lance, twice as many arrays as a Sovy, the flagship that is to the Sovy what the Galaxy was to the Constitution.

    original sketch:

    size comp:

    with some color:

    Proposed names for the class:

    Aphelion - The point of a celestial objections path that is furthermost from its sun. The journey's edge, the omega of the path defined by the alpha of its cause. A note to time as cycle.

    Arbiter - Dispute settler.

    Arcanum - of mystery and archetype

    Ataraxia - A state of freedom from anxiety or emotional disturbance.

    Caledwych - original gaelic for Excalibur.

    Diapason - a full, rich outpouring of harmonious sound.

    Empyrean - a place of pure fire and will.

    Requiem - mass for the dead

    Thuban - Star in the Draco constellation.

    Xoana - a simple carved image, of wood or stone. elegance.

    Xanadu - idealized place of beauty

    Proposed Bridge Module:
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