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Thread: Tsalagi (Cherokee) versions of the Enochian Tablets.

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    Tsalagi (Cherokee) versions of the Enochian Tablets.

    Here are my Enochian tablets I work with:


    Why? The tablets mirror the cosmology, they work. For more information on why and how I use them go here:
    I do use them as a representation of the four realms, and as the watchtowers thereof, but we call them the four mountains of course.
    Climbing the mountains fourfold, I travel to various planes... this is journey-work using the tablets.
    I also do ceremonial rounds, circles.
    My folk magick is Tsalagi, meaning it incorporates the ceremonial colors of the round.
    In our medicine everything is fourfold, four and seven are important numbers.
    The folk medicine references the ceremonial understandings.
    So in short, my folk, hedge and ceremonial magick are all tied into one system.

    The Tablet of ᎠᏥᎳ - Atsila (Fire)

    The Tablet of ᎡᎶᎯ - Elohi (Earth)

    The Tablet of ᎤᏃᎴ - Unole (Air)

    The Tablet of ᎠᎹ - Ama (Water)

    The Great Tablet

    The Tablet of Union

    The Circle - airts

    Qabbalistic representation of the four worlds and their paths.

    With Above and Below
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