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Thread: Parting company with Gods

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    Parting company with Gods

    Since we are reopening and old faces are returning I guess many of us will have been through changes in our beliefs and our relationship with deities. Has anyone parted company with a deity they used to be attached to? And how has that affected you?
    I used to feel very close to the Goddess Het Hert. As my beliefs changed I felt it necessary to sever that relationship. This was not without a lot of soul searching and prayers to her first.
    I think it did help me to move on but I felt sad and uncomfortable about it at the time. I still have deep affection for her but haven't quite worked out a place for her in my life as it is now although that is still a possibility.
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    For years and years I was very close with The Morrigan... The last few years, she has set me free. I still honor her, and cherish our bond and the key role she played in guiding me to where I am today. However, I have grown closer with other gods and goddesses, as she stepped back into playing a minor role in my spirituality. It was sort of a mutual understanding.

    It was kind of hard. Like breaking up with a good friend. However, I am in a different place in my life. Without her, I wouldn't be here, so that is the comfort I have. I always, however, honor her one way or another.

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    I used to be very anti-Christian and a somewhat hard polytheist, but my conception of God has shifted over the years to take in more animism and pantheism. I used to worship Kali more and still honour her, but I kind of see most deities on the same footing now and so don't offer prayers as much as I used to. I'm still very connected with lord Shiva, but have started to drift westwards again and feel connections with gods from all sorts of Pantheons. Doesn't mean I worship them but the potential is there. I think like a love relatiosnhip, the connection isn't ever going to go away... it's just going to change, and become like that Gotye song 'someone that I used to know'

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    As this place went belly up last time my last great spiritual transition had just started and I was very much in my panic phase. Things are much better now and I have gotten used to the idea of having a death goddess who wants me to think of my relationship with her as a marriage

    For the sake of self reference this changes me from a kinda sorta former chaos magician to a devotional polytheist

    Due to these and other circumstances I am a bit more distant from Odin and his crowd, though we never were very close to begin with.
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    I don't think I've ever formally "broken up" with a deity. Usually they just kind of...drift away, and I go through a "dark night of the soul" for a time where faith is closed off to me, in a way.
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