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Thread: The Quarters and Elements as Mathew, Mark, Luke and john.

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    The Quarters and Elements as Mathew, Mark, Luke and john.

    I'm not sure how popular this is nowadays however I thought I'd point out that with Christian Witchcraft, practitioners would often associated the four gospels with the elements and the directions.
    This really isn't all that surprising, the arch-angels are often called this way in ceremonial magick. If for whatever seen you instead of working with angels, work with saints or disciples, here yo go.

    Fire........ Michael....Mark........Lion
    Air ...... ..Raphael....Mathew....Man
    Water ....Gabriel......John .......Eagle
    Earth .....Uriel..........Luke.......Bull

    And for the directions, according to whatever element you associated with them.
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    Oh, nifty! I like this idea. If you haven't read Christine Valters Paintner's book on the Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements, is an amazing book. I can't recall if she made associations like those, however.
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    I don't recall ever having done this but i might try it. altho' personally i think Matthew should be Water and John should be Air. (I've actually used these correspondences for Bible reading for a few years...long story...)
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