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Thread: Can psychic abilities be learned and taught?

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    Can psychic abilities be learned and taught?

    What do you think? Can psychic abilities of all sorts be taught and learned or do they depend entirely on natural, inbuilt ability?
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    I believe the techniques can be taught. Some people have them innately, some people have to practice. Some people practice and study their wholes lives and never get it. Some people have it, but don't trust themselves enough to let go and trust their intuition.

    tl;dr: I think it varies, lol.
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    My opinion and beliefs in what is considered "psychic" have greatly shifted over the years. I'm not so sure that what sometimes used to seem as downright pyschic is maybe just the "behind the curtains" workings of the human brain, and things that our minds pick up subconsciously and then feed back to us in dreams and other formats. That being said, there are some things you can't explain! So by whatever name you call it, psychic or whatnot... I think it would be a mixture of both. Some peoples brains are probably wired to be highly intuitive, but you could probably hone in on that and train the mind to focus that way.

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    I'm of the opinion that "psychic ability" of all types and sorts can indeed be taught and learned. The question I might ask though is what does it really mean to be Psychic? For me, Psychic abilities are the expression of intuitive or esoteric arts and a Psychic is someone who has gained a level of skill and proficiency with the various esoteric and intuitive art forms.

    To give an example, one method of Divination I like to use is readings with regular playing cards. I like the playing cards more than tarot most of the time because they are very direct in their messages. The cards are very plain in their symbols not having the rich imagery of a tarot deck, and as such I have to rely on and access my own internally generated imagery to draw out the message in the cards. On one basic level you could simply memorize a set of meanings for the cards, learn a good spread or two, and give an intuitive reading by interpreting that information while combining your gut feeling and natural instincts into the mix. This would be a very quick and easy way to start working with and developing your intuition using a tool you can find laying around in a drawer somewhere in many peoples homes. Would the ability and skill to give a reading this way be considered Psychic?

    In my experience Psychic insight and impressions are the result of an interplay between the Conscious and Subconscious aspects of our Mind and Awareness. The Sub/Conscious model for me is just a way of organizing and categorizing my experience that has proven useful, while not necessarily having to do with real divisions within the Mind. It's been a very useful model to work with for me as a Psychic practitioner. Taking the example of Divination above, we might combine it with another Psychic Art to increase its potency so to speak. Going into Trance, or a lightly altered state of focused awareness in which our Conscious awareness has increased access to areas of the Mind that remain largely Subconscious during everyday states of awareness. Have you ever noticed when you first meet someone you instantly form an assessment of that person and get a 'feeling' of whether you like or dislike them? Your Subconscious is picking up on information they are giving off that likely neither of you are consciously aware of, and you feel the sum of that info as a general impression. Going into Trance you can directly access that Subconscious knowledge and begin to unravel your general impression into something more specific, in the process learning a lot about this other person that you picked up on intuitively. This is also the basis for other Psychic Arts such as Clairvoyance and Psychometry. Shifting awareness into Trance states, like playing card Divination, can of course be learned and taught. Is this Psychic? I think so.

    Would love to hear more thoughts from you guys on this topic.

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    I like your reply Andrew. I believe we all have potential to access the higher realm and therefore psychic abilities. Some are naturally connected to themselves and the universe that they don't have to work at it. I have a hard time knowing myself, let alone anything else.
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