(Admins, please remove if this is against the rules. I'm only plugging because I know the author personally and I was a little involved in it)

So a good friend of mine from Scribophile is getting published in July. I had the honour of critiquing one draft of the story, and yesterday was his big cover reveal party, kicking off ten weeks of teasers.

Basically, The Carver is about adult Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Alice in the real world and their children (with some shenanigans in the other fairytale realm as well). When people start to go missing, Pinocchio's son, Enzo, teams up with Peter Pan on an epic road trip to find out where they were taken. And it's not just them, either! The Carver also features appearances from Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Quasimodo, Mulan, and many more familiar faces, as well as some original characters. If you're a fan of Once Upon A Time and Grimm, you'll love The Carver!

(Available for pre-order now)