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Thread: Why the History Channel's Vikings is a good, Heathen show

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    Why the History Channel's Vikings is a good, Heathen show

    The History channel's Vikings has received criticism from several communities - the Heathen Community included - about not being historically accurate, or diverging from the actual Saga of Ragnar. However this ignores the lessons that can be learned from the show, both historically and spiritually.

    Historically, we see something that has never been a major focus; shieldmaidens. Yes, I know the show muddles up the actual history of it all, and they still maintain the trope of "blood thirsty Vikings", but we still see a lot of shieldmaidens dressed properly, when prior culture would have burly, horn-helmeted men barreling into battle with scantly clad, iron-bra wearing vixens. We also see Viking culture presented as peaceful, willing to negotiate and trade rather than pillage and ravage.

    We also see the complex inter-faith mingling of Classical Heathenism and the new introduction of Christianity.

    There is actually much that can be learned from Vikings in regards to Heathenism. There are lessons hidden in the history-breaking narrative, alluding to the lessons of the Gods taught to us.

    Take, for instance, the conflict between Ragnar and Floki. Floki sacrificed Athelstan, the friend of Ragnar (who, in the show, is claimed as descended from Odin,) to gain favor with the Gods before the siege of Paris. As a result, Floki is punished, chained in a cave while water drips on his forehead. His wife, Helga, comforts him during this experience until Ragnar releases him.

    This mirrors the predicament of Loki. Loki killed Baldur, the favorite son of Odin. As punishment, Loki is chained to a rock by the sea, where a serpent drips venom onto his forehead. Loki's wife, Sigyn, relieves him as best she can, holding a bowl over his head to collect the poison, as Helga does with Floki.

    The lesson that I, personally, take from this event as presented by Vikings, is that the wisdom of Odin - in this case Ragnar - should not be questioned to the point of betrayal; the murder of a dear friend or favored son out of envy and jealousy.

    When the initial sour taste of inaccuracy is washed away, there is still much to learn from the show in regards to the gods, our faith, and how our lives mirror that of the gods.
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    Never watched it but even the poetic eddas are probably not entirely accurate..

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    This is one of the shows I plan to watch at some point, because it's included in my Amazon Prime subscription. Glad to know that it's not going to be a waste of time to watch it.
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