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Thread: Last Night's Dream

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    Last Night's Dream

    I was wondering if someone would help me with the interpretation of a dream that I had last night.

    It starts of with me sitting at this table with this woman and her daughter. Well to find out it is my future mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. The funny part is I haven't asked the guy yet to marry me and I did see a flash of him that revealed he had black hair plus he was slightly shy along with be silent type. Well I start discussing with the two women is possible wedding plans. I know I said something on the terms of 6 people in the wedding party besides me and my fiancé. I had discussed that the wedding cake could have been red velvet or all the layers could be different. We had decided that the wedding would take place on the mother-in-laws property in Vermont. We came to the conclusion the entrée would be catfish and the sides would be like green beans along with lima beans. That the meal would be banquet style. We would rent our tuxedos. Besides Vermont being mentioned New York City, Connecticut and Providence and Rhode Island was mentioned. Well an old friend of mine shows up ignores me for a few minutes than starts talking to me. Then a little boy beside of me has a piece of white paper with red circles and some screams to the little boy you won.

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    The number 6 stands out to me. According to mysticalnumbers website, it's a number of "completion and high ideals." The two little boys communicating seems significant, too. It's like a contrast between the adults making their "adult" plans about food and venue, and children playing games. It occurred to me that the two boys could be you and your partner. I haven't studied dream interpretation except to study for my own dreams; these are just a few things that occurred to me.

    I love interesting, complex dreams with many characters and interactions.



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