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Thread: Manifestation Cycle Dilemma

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    Wink Manifestation Cycle Dilemma

    So, I'm looking for a neutral ground to discuss reasons or solutions to this cycle of manifestation and unintended consequences. Does anyone else have extreme results from their own manifestations, like you get exactly what you ask for but in ways that are completely life altering or not in the way you intended? Not that I'm complaining, change is necessary for me to be guided towards the right path, but the destructive/creative cycle is a bit intense. I have a fierce will, but most people would not be able to survive these experiences which on a physical plane are beyond my control. I won't go into details of the past to describe this pattern, but the destructive aspect comes in many forms and sacrifice, like destruction of my home, my body, my mind, or my freedom. The most recent situation is recovering from post-concussive syndrome. How does this relate to manifestations? I write in my journal and then forget about what I wrote until I need to write again, but notice that the previous entry for what I need manifests in reality. In this case, I felt like a phantom in my own life getting lost in responsibilities, providing for my family, duties ect... I needed time to re-evaluate my life's purpose and have time to nurture my soul. Well, I got all of that after losing consciousness on the job, having a concussion, and having to take an extended leave of absence to recover, which has been very challenging but I'm learning.
    To clarify, manifestations come from my soul and its need to flourish in the life I'm living. It feels like a deep surge of energy and heat from my core. It sounds like vibrating waves with the tonal variances of many people chanting, increasing in volume until it releases in the universe. This power comes when I have a great need, with obstacles I can't find a way to maneuver around. The great need comes when my soul is fading from my physical body or life, drifting away, or dieing inside, dimming. Manifestation also works when I focus my energy to goals that resonate with my soul but most of those result from my physical actions which are less complicated. Walking the line between my spiritual life and physical life is tricky. My goal is to live in both realms, the magical and mundane. Its easy to get lost in both separately, or have them working against each other, evolving through survival of the fittest. It is as if the gods/goddesses/karma/universe like to flick the compass needle of my life to reset it. They have quite a task. I am stubborn to the point of being obstinate.
    I view destruction as a necessary aspect of life and growth. Plants die and nourish the ground for seeds to grow. With that metaphor, my soil is very rich. I am an artist, so transformation is not a stranger to me. I realize I need some balance. There are many tools to help, including meditation, communing with nature, or spirit guides, chakra work, psychology, dream interpretation, art analysis, or even a healthy lifestyle. All are tools to Know Thyself, a core aspect of the pagan/wiccan path. On the witchy mage side, the practice of considering the planetary influence and correspondences of each day of the week, is beneficial to utilizing the natural energies of the day to tap into as it applies to my physical life. It aligns physical and spiritual energies naturally so there is less conflict. A small step but effective.
    Do you have any thoughts, similar experiences, comments, or suggestions? Much gratitude.

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    I'm a pantheist. I don't believe there is a separation between the magical and the mundane. I believe that the concept of duality is a false belief that leads many people to the place you describe yourself to be in.

    The Universe isn't a thing, it's a process and I am part of that process. The part doesn't get to control the whole. What we "manifest" effects everthing and the ripples catch us up in themselves. We can't and dont' control the results for ourselves or everything else that is necessarily effected by what takes place.

    If your goal is to live in both realms, congratulations, you already do. All you need to do is blink and realize it and accept what that means. You don't need to walk a line between physical and spiritual, they aren't separate, how freeing is that? All the energy wasted in trying to balance them can be put toward other things. From what you posted here, looks like you're already most of the way there to seeing and accepting that.

    When we no longer confuse and confound ourselves thinking we have to be constantly picking and choosing and walking some fine line we can "have it all", because it's all ours anyway, as part of the Universe.

    I "ask" for things, get them, then am often wildly uncomfortable with the way they make me feel, but darn it, life is about feeling, whatever. I dont' want to control it all. It's better this way. If I only get what I ask for, expect and hope for I'd have missed 99% of what I've experienced.

    The conflict is in us. There is no conflict in the Universe, everything interacts the way it does. Sometimes we don't like that interaction and we label it and reject it. Fair enough, as mortal and finite beings we have a different agenda than the Universe as a whole does, but it's still useful to see that the conflict is in our not liking a thing or the thing not serving our agenda. Then we can look at it and sometimes at least enjoy it for what it is instead of struggling and raging etc.

    Pantheism freed me to live large. I'm part of this amazing event! Part of it, I don't have to judge it, organize it, plan it, label it or control it.
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    It would seem you are getting the energy back you are sending out. How about stepping back from the manifestation or at least ground some of the energy. It all seems very now, now , now. Maybe that's why the changes are so drastic. Let life just be for a while. X
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