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Thread: Beliefs you have left behind

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    Beliefs you have left behind

    We grow older and sometimes wiser and our beliefs grow and change along the way. Sometimes what you choose not to believe is as important as what you do believe. What things that you used to believe have you changed your mind about?
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    I feel that my faith is always evolving and they are always slightly changing as I learn or I lean more towards one than another. I also feel as I grow and I mature, I'm more tolerant and understanding of other peoples situations. Those don't necessarily mean I believe things to be right, but I can handle my emotions slightly better.

    For example, I used to get very angry with people that got abortions-- I was one of "those people" that was truly terrible, had no empathy and had huge amount of resentment. I worked withing my faith and prayed for understanding. Whilst I wouldn't ever have an abortion myself, I gained respect for women that had to make that choice (for one reason or another~) and accept the right for people to have 'choice'.

    My biggest learning curve (and as a human) I still make mistakes~ is not to judge anyone, and try to walk in their shoes, and I am challenged with a lot of situations in my life, where it's hard not to judge, and I try to (in a rational case) come to terms, or be more accepting and tolerant of those views.

    There was a time I believed in the Christian God and have found that path wasn't calling me-- until wicca came in my life.. I fell in love and actually felt drawn to.

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    I think the most important thing I gave up is pride in "knowing"... well.. anything really. I don't think I have the answers anymore. I am trying to determine what my beliefs are now.



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