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Thread: A dream

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    A dream

    I had a weird dream a couple weeks ago.
    I was sitting in the living room of one of the houses I lived in, there were these ghost-like things meandering around. Even though I was rather apprehensive of them I do not think they were bad or anything.They floated and wore some sort of purple, tattered "robes". For some reason candles were part of it.

    Anyway I was sitting and holding a candle and was casually looking at it when one of these ghosts came over and righted my candle, light my candle while saying something like "This candle lights your candle". Still apprehensive I didn't lookup but nodded slowly.
    I then got up and made my way to my room without being noticed.

    I am not sure what the meaning or implication, if any, was in the dream.

    In dreams I am often unsure and scared by things, possibly because of my unease in real life.

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    Cool, as for interpretation the truth is nobody can do it for you, it doesn't just need someone that can interpret them it also needs someone that knows everything about you and what you feel, 10 people might have 10 different ideas, maybe it was simply a sign from a spirit to put a bit more feeling into rituals. If you have been erecting your altar without words then it may have been simple advice to say what each action is as you do so...



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