So I keep my journal and Book of Shadows (still don't really like that name for some reason, I'm more like "reference book for magic theory" kind of person). online in the form of a private blog. That way I can use it from just about anywhere with an internet connection and re-arrange stuff and search for it as necessary, and I type much faster then write, and it has spell check!

Anyway the point of this is that I have been rereading my posts from the begging... August 2012, and marveling at how much has changed and how much as staid the same and the general tone of my writing. Have you ever done this? Gone back and reread and analyzed your old writings, seeing how you have or have not grown and changed? I find I have relaxed a lot since then. I am less judgmental of myself and others, and am more open to trying things that I might not necessarily agree with 100%, just to see if there is anything more to it then my initial outside opinion. I am slightly less likely to judge and guilt trip myself for falling away from something only to pick it up a few months or even years later. I was reminded of things I completely forgot, or miss remembered. there where a few things that brought me to tears.

So again, anyone ever do this? what where your experiences with looking back on written evidence of your past-self?