Well it actually started off with a bunch of weird, silly
inconsequential stuff, but one part was really interesting.

I dreamed that I was on a high plain or field of some kind in the setting sun. There was a man with me and a chilly breeze was blowing.

I curled up on the ground and started shivering and he asked me if I was cold, I told him a little bit and he wrapped a thin red blanket over us and pulled me close to his chest for warmth and comfort.

He told me about the beginning of nature spirits and how there was one even older then him, who was very lonely, wandering the Earth, and had been here just around the time life started appearing.

He told me the spirit had foreseen how humans would ravage the land and how in order to keep us from ruining this planet and themselves they needed to keep in contact with us and he, the first nature spirit gathered the others and taught early humans how to take only what they needed and farm and garden with nature's times, seasons and locations all over the world. The dream ended with my boyfriend and I moving in and setting up our altars while my daughter slept in the other room.

Funny thing is, I can picture the spirit from the chest down. He was muscular, slim and tan and wore a red-brown vest, pants and had bare feet, but his face is a blank. He never mentioned what kind of nature spirit he was.

I just wanted to share anyway.