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Thread: Chester Bennington

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    Chester Bennington

    For some reason Chester's recent suicide hit me hard. I wonder if he avoided medication because he felt it would undermine his song writing. I feel almost sick about enjoying Linkin Park's music, knowing now that a lot of the lyrics came from his depression and suffering. Like maybe instead of enjoying his music someone should have said 'hey man, there's help out there, you don't have to continue feeling like this'.

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    So, I only have a bit of time to type, but:

    Don't feel sad for enjoying his music. Chester and the band created those songs as catharsis. Unless you were one of the fans that told Chester to "go kill himself" after "Heavy" was released, you have no reason to feel guilty. Enjoy the music, take joy in the fact that there was someone out there who was able to speak to you on an emotional level. Like one person said, "I wish someone could have helped him the way so many were helped by him."

    Second, Chester was in therapy. I don't know about medication, but I know Chester was very open about how he was seeking treatment, how he was very hopeful it was working. All it took was one bad day for him to lose everything.
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