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Thread: Hidden Altars

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    Question Hidden Altars

    I've never had to hide my altar but my beliefs have changed and I am looking to create an altar that could look scary to someone who doesn't understand. I especially am worried about my step son who barely understands paganism let alone anything else and I don't want to scare/upset him.

    I keep thinking of cupboard altars so that I can open the doors when I need it and close them when I don't. But how do I burn candles? That can't be safe.

    Any ideas?
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    Just a suggestion but perhaps a scattered altar vice a hidden altar.

    With a scattered altar all the parts are in plain sight so they become accustomed to being seen. They also retain any "Religious" or "Spiritual" presence the practitioner instills in them in their visible presence. The addition of unusual pieces or items could be talked about or addressed with your step-son if he inquires about them. Yet the working altar is then easily assembled if one desires for seasonal purposes, ceremonial purposes or specific functional purposes while the energetic influences of all the component parts remain in the area though not specifically involved in each specific usage.

    So your candle holders for instance become visible as "reminders" of your spiritual / craft usage but also potentially double as emergency lighting. Yet buy some sort of hurricane lamp type enclosure to place them in and you have a safety feature that can also be safely hung upon the wall and create a mini altar if you so desire by having them bracket a shelf. Use short glass and short candles or long glass and you can use longer candles for instance. Potentially if you desire even using oil lamps with scented oil if that is your choice vice candles which is safer. But still having your hidden or scattered type altar in plain sight.

    But a lot of it I admit depends upon if you have a Religious / Spiritual type altar with an Enshrined or Ensouled piece, a working type altar as suggested by neo-Wiccan practices, a Craft type work space with an actual hearth and cauldron and altar set up, what some refer to as a shamanic altar with a regalia and animal / allie totems and stuff. Depending upon your practice what and how you define what an altar is could influence your needs.



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