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Thread: Yes,The Gods Are Archetypal

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    Yes,The Gods Are Archetypal

    Are the gods archetypal? Yes. It would be extremely difficult, if even possible to find a deity that does not fit into a divine archetype. Does this mean that the gods are only archetypes?...

    I like this blog post because I agree, the Gods don't have to be "just" archetypes or not archetypes, they can be both psychological archetypes AND more.

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    My views are a bit more complex than that.
    I see divinity as a quintessence or quintessential essence.
    On that level i am a deist, i don't see this divinity as directly intervening in anything nor do I ascribe to any given human traits. it is not theo or thea here.
    i see all the various gods of human understanding as emerging from within the human psyche, having filtered invoked divinity.
    that is to say that all the gods we personally know do not exist until known personally, and then a god-form or egregore is created.

    So there is that, but also i see four essences of human experience or pathworking composing this human soul. They are existential themes that work together to create all the stories and experiences of gods and men.
    i work with these more so than the base-elements of fire, water, earth and air that most work with. The scared fire being the sentience or spirit , the fire of the gods in man.

    alright so the levels:

    Quintessence - pure divinity
    Essence - the existential qualia/qualities of a thing.
    substance - the beginnings of moldable and interactive qualities
    pattern - the way these qualities are put together in structure
    form - the conception of that structure
    tangible thing - the structure on the material plane.

    The essence or identity of the thing is philosophical fire - sulfur.
    Then you can think of those qualities as an essential oil or solution which imbues a form or from which a form may arise. Here we are moving from sulfur into mercury.
    patterns emerge, we recognize these patterns and conceptualize a form. The pattern and form together is the archetype.
    Then as above so below we have the physical representation of this on the physical plain. alchemical salt, or salt becoming Earth at that point.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition



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