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I baked this today. I found the recipe on Pinterest. The website for the original poster for this can be found here:

I won't post the ingredients because I don't want to upset the original blog writer for this recipe.

I will, however, give a few tips regarding this recipe.

The ingredients for the bread itself are spot on. It's definitely VERY chocolately as it requires using dark cocoa powder. I used Hershey's Special Dark (my favorite). If you're looking for a big "pumpkin spice" I would add it to the recipe. I love the way it tastes. The others in my household have not given their opinions yet. Mainly, because my Husband is not a chocolate fan and my son, who works nights, has been sleeping all day.

In regards to the icing, which I think I may be addicted to, I say start off following her instructions, but add more heavy cream and/or cinnamon as needed. It needs to be smooth enough to "drizzle' and as you can see by the photo "drizzle" did not work for me. But I like the look of it anyway.

Since we moved to our new living space, I love having a kitchen again. Since I follow the Kitchen Witch path, having a kitchen of my own has been so great. I love baking this time of year and cooking. Makes me feel at peace with all around me. I also love that I'm creating dishes to share with those I love.