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Thread: Has anyone heard of Sunset Sodalite?

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    Has anyone heard of Sunset Sodalite?

    Can anyone tell me what this is used for?

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    It is a blend of sodalite and feldspar. See
    A site that sells many gems/semi-gems is they have a lot of sodalite. I bought a few times from them for my beads/jewelry making hobby. See also is a bead shop in Canada they also sell sodalite.

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    I may be wrong, but in general, if something fire-like is added to a stone type or gem, it increases its potency or at least purifies it. So a regular sapphire is not as strong as a star sapphire. Opal vs. fire opal, ignoring the rarity part, of course. I happened on some mahogany obsidian with these beautiful ribbons of rich brown/red -- for me, it worked differently than regular black obsidian, it was more accepting, almost like a sponge.

    Another point, I often work from the largest amount of the mixed mineral. So it might be the Sodalite with the feldspar as a helper. A tourmilated quartz has more quartz with the other mineral acting as a directional element. But that's my experience. I hope you have fun with your new stone.
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