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Thread: When did you KNOW?

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    I just had that feeling deep down that it was right, especially because it brought me peace. Then I did a self-dedication ritual and it was so successful it definitely confirmed it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wandering_on_Purpose View Post
    What was your Spiritually defining moment the lead you to your current path? I have had so many amazing experiences but I still doubt and find it difficult to just let go and believe. Let me tell you, I've been given plenty of reasons to believe. Sometimes I feel like a jerk for still questioning it all.

    Would love to read your experiences.
    I've had a few, mostly in the Christian contexts in which I grew up.

    The most recent one, which was back in 2011, involved Lord Krishna.

    To keep a long story short, He got my attention, which helped open up
    my current path of bridal mysticism (madhurya bhava in Hinduism).

    While that was an eye-opener, I still don't really affiliate myself with
    any particular religion, preferring to draw inspiration from various
    sources. Sometimes I feel bad for not drawing a line somewhere, but
    then again I did a lot of that during my time in Catholicism and
    Christian fundamentalism. I enjoy being more open to various
    influences now, as I never know from where the wisdom and insights
    will come.

    But anyway, God in the (quite lovely!) form of Krishna was definitely a
    paradigm-shifter for me.

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