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Thread: Genealogy and paganism.

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    Genealogy and paganism.

    I am sure more people had the experience that some older relative hinted at something but remained quiet and never wanted to talk.

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    That and just some of their actions. I believe my grandmother on my mothers side was a green witch truthfully. She was a bear we would go visit and by golly the lights were off by 9 and you were up by 6am no if ands or buts and there would be a pile of vitamins and herbs that you had absolutely no choice whether or not you took them! And I mean everyone even my dad and grown brother! It was funny as all get out looking back on it.

    But even more interesting is finding a witch in your geneo from back during the Salem witch trials. Now whether they truly were or not is anyone's guess but still interesting. I know my sister was a beginning one back when we were a lot younger.....but she never got any further than card reading a wee bit and a few other what one would call tricks not much more.
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    I think one of my cousins (age wise she's a good 20 to 30 years older than me) is at the very least "spiritual" more than religious. But while I think they might have some green witch mind sets in my family (such as the herb and cleanse, etc) they are very much Christian.
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    My mother practiced witchcraft for a while before finding Buddhism, and I think her mother had tendencies.
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