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Thread: Running on a treadmill

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    Running on a treadmill

    Kind of scared to run on a nordictrack t 6.5 s treadmill, walking and walking on an incline are fine but worried I may lose my balance if I began to run. Anyone else feels this way, is there a way to overcome it?
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    I would say it can be scary! I'm so out of shape that thing would send me flying hahaha. Does your treadmill have a safety feature where if you pull a cord it automatically stops? Maybe keep your hand near it till you get more comfortable. Start off at slow paces, let your body adjust to it and increase the speed only as you can tolerate.
    Don't run with a glass of wine in hand HA.
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    I actually fell off of a treadmill when I was a kid. I am fine with them now but for a while, I couldn't use them. I prefer using the elliptical or stationary bikes when I am working out. Which I rarely do. Trying to get a few workout buddies since I hate going to the gym alone.



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