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Thread: a question involving an elf

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    a question involving an elf


    Can anyone here tell me why an Elf (tall elf, if that helps) might want to go to a human newborn baby room at the hospital and pick one of the babies up and carry him/her around?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is that old folks tale of "Changelings" where the elf's do the switcheroo deal with newborns..... but other than that? shakes head will have to do some research to double check the stories to get better idea. Did this happen you or someone you know? Or?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kmartin60 View Post
    Did this happen you or someone you know? Or?
    Well, while I was meditating this one time, I saw....firstly, I saw this place that looked like a university with formations of dragons in the stone (concrete?) umm.....I'm just going to call them banisters. Then, a wheelie office chair inside a room (suppose at the university) with an elf looking girl sitting in it. After then (here's where it comes in) I saw me as a newborn baby, then one of those newborn rooms and this male elf picking me up and carrying me around. I don't know....just thought maybe it really happened and I was being shown or something. But haven't got a clue why it would occur.

    I have heard of the Changelings story, but I look waaaay to much like my parents to entertain that possibility.

    Thanks for your help

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