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  • General Pagan (non-sectarian)

    199 22.49%
  • Witch (not Wiccan, just Witch)

    138 15.59%
  • Wiccan (Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Eclectic, etc.)

    157 17.74%
  • Ceremonial Magician

    7 0.79%
  • Asatru (Norse Pagan)

    36 4.07%
  • Druid/Celtic Pagan

    60 6.78%
  • Strega (Italian Pagan)

    3 0.34%
  • Egyptian Pagan

    36 4.07%
  • Shaman (Native American or otherwise)

    19 2.15%
  • Eastern Pagan (Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoist, etc.)

    15 1.69%
  • Nature-loving tree-hugger

    59 6.67%
  • Other (please elaborate)

    156 17.63%
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Thread: What kind of Pagan are YOU?

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    It's interesting how things can change for you over time. Since I voted on this poll, Taoism has really become the primary focus of my path. Still, in terms of a label or category, General/Eclectic Pagan still fits me quite well.

    For now. :D

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    Eclectic here. Whatever feels right.

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    well I chose general pagan because I don't know anything about any other sects. maybe sombody could teach me????

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    Basically I don't like to be categorized in any way.I chose Shamanism as it best describes my ways not my beliefs.I believe my signature says it all
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    Behind you.
    Solitary Witch

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    I'm norse pagan, started off bending towards wicca and the celtic gods and goddesses. Then after several revealing dreams found my way to asatru ..... and i've never looked back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annyka
    I'm always looking for a bit of sects :D

    Ah that made me chuckle. You deserve some karma for cheering me up on a generally dingy day.

    Anyway - bah! It's so hard to categorise what I believe. Half the time I don't even really know how to define it to myself. The word 'Wiccan' doesn't really sit right, although I choose to follow the Rede because it just seems like common sense to me. There is an old saying; "What goes around comes around" and I choose not to deal out negative energy if I can help it. I would never curse or hex someone simply because it seems unfair to me, especially if they aren't pagan themselves and so can't even defend themselves. That seems too much like using magic in a way which is (in MY opinion) incorrect.

    I mainly relate to Celtic or Norse deities, because as far as I know this is where my cultural roots lie, and besides the fact that I don't feel comfortable 'borrowing' from cultures which are alien to me (NB I'm not saying I think it is 'wrong' to do this, simply that it doesn't work for ME) the Celtic deities in particular seem to just...speak to me.

    Also, I don't describe myself as a 'witch' because I feel that the word has very negative connotations, especially to people who don't know much about Paganism - I don't want to scare people off before they even get to know me! I do cast spells, but only occassionally, as need dictates, whenever I feel I need a little extra help with a problem.

    I tend to shy away from ceremonial magic of any kind, because I just don't feel comfortable with it. I'm drawn to Drudism and can be found hanging around the Druid forum sometimes, also to Seax-Wicca which I've recently started looking into. I prefer to practise my religion in as simple a way as possible - grandeur just doesn't suit me.

    If anyone wants to suggest what type of Pagan I am, they're welcome, because I don't have a bloody clue to be honest!

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    I voted as just a witch.

    I consider witchcraft itself more of an art or the practice of magick and not with built in ethics, morals, and religious beliefs.

    Wicca on the other hand I would consider a combination of witchcraft with built in beliefs, ethics, and morals.

    I prefer to keep myself open to all things, religiously and spiritually, so I learn about vairous religions and apply what suits me, whether it be satanic values, buddhist ones, wiccan, voodoo, so forth and so on.

    So, eclectic witch sums me up best.

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    I'm a Heinz 57 Pagan. I think that's an accurate label for "a little of everything"!

    I am taking an online Wicca course, but not to "become" Wiccan, but to just expand my knowledge. I live at home with my parents and am a broke college senior, so I can't afford to (nor do I want to) plaster my bookshelves with books on the subject just yet. A little at a time.

    That's why I know I am Pagan and love it - I can be Heinz 57 and it's ok! :D
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    Just like to add that I do not define hedgewitch as solitairy wiccan, rather as a practical solitairy witch who's skills range from shamanism, healing, divination, folk magic and all the old 'village witch' talents, I don't follow any moral rules or set beliefs. Its whatever works for me at the time
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