View Poll Results: What kind of Pagan are YOU?

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  • General Pagan (non-sectarian)

    199 22.49%
  • Witch (not Wiccan, just Witch)

    138 15.59%
  • Wiccan (Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Eclectic, etc.)

    157 17.74%
  • Ceremonial Magician

    7 0.79%
  • Asatru (Norse Pagan)

    36 4.07%
  • Druid/Celtic Pagan

    60 6.78%
  • Strega (Italian Pagan)

    3 0.34%
  • Egyptian Pagan

    36 4.07%
  • Shaman (Native American or otherwise)

    19 2.15%
  • Eastern Pagan (Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoist, etc.)

    15 1.69%
  • Nature-loving tree-hugger

    59 6.67%
  • Other (please elaborate)

    156 17.63%
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Thread: What kind of Pagan are YOU?

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    the Netherlands

    What Kind Of Pagan Am I

    Hi all

    I voted Other because I cant say. I call on Isis and Bast, in ritual, but am interested in Avalon and also in the Faery Realm. I want to learn more about the last.

    Henny TheeHeks

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    Sparta-Crossville, Tennessee

    Wink You tell me....what kind of Pagan am I?

    Sorry sisters and brothers....I have not taken the time to introduce myself either. I have no special name, I haven't taken the time to think about myself much...maybe someone can suggest who I anyway...I am a cross between the Native American (Cherokee and Choctaw..a family of Cherokee) and Celtic Wiccan...I know this from my Indian family's side and something about a lady that was burnt outside of Boston...then named Charlestown, United States, I have heard the name Margaret Jones, but I also know that her Mother was burnt in another country, maybe Ireland or outskirts.....she had children that were raised by her Father at the time of her murder, she was a healer also.....but I think that I am closer to the eclectic breed, just not sure yet. I have a closeness with the totem spirit Wolf, and I am lucky to have 2 feline familiars in my presence, a mother and son team, very good companions, yet very much like myself..... I have studied and dug herbs for many years, and still learning, it is never-ending. What I don't learn from books and internet, is some kind of memories passed on...not sure how to describe them. They are full of emotion and knowledge, just don't know where they come from. I am what is known as a healer, am a great friend to nature and animals, have saved many. When younger, in my part of the country, being "witchy" was a bad thang!...Now it seems that we are all coming out too...hmmm? I live smack dab at the end of the bible belt, where I hear....thou shall not suffer a witch to live...", but I interpret this different than it is worded...since witches and healers were often mixed up and lumped into the category of all witches in the days of yore. I hurt none, and live by the creed and law of three. And I believe that there are dark and light forces, and it takes both to make a whole, it is as intended. What side you are drawn to is between you and the mother earth and father god. And I do believe that there is temptation in any heartfelt "religion". It is not for me to decide what side we do our best for in this life, only for me to say that I believe... and I will not harm none in my quest. I will try from my soul to learn and be true to my heart and god, and I will need the goddesses to smile upon me in my wanderings and soul searching, to teach me and lead me.

    "Ignorance is Tolerated.....Tolerance is limited !!"
    Blessed Be

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    Helanistic pagan Following the greek path

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    Takes a big breath

    I put other. Reason, I am an Ordained minister in the truly cutting edge Neo-Druidic Path entitled The Forth Age of Druidry. Although I guess you could just call me a Druid. Heheheh

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    I voted "Wiccan", although I think "Trad" and "Eclectic" should be separate choices, as both are vastly different paths.

    I'm hoping to be training in the near future with a Trad I guess I sort of stand in "Solitary Traditional Wiccan", but I have Hellenic tendencies (Greek Wicca?)....
    Another link in the chain....

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    i voted general pagan, because "other" just didn't sound right. started off greek/tree hugger, moved to wicca via "women who run with the wolves" and "the mists of avalon", now exploring druidry, asatru, discordian, and probably whatever strikes my fancy next. astrology has been a constant through pretty much all of this. i like to watch the dance of the stars, and would like to see the dance of the fae.
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    I picked "witch" because I practice magic but not any type of religion.

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    Dianic Witch.

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    I voted for other because I honestly haven't found my "path".

    I don't believe in any kind of God / Godess but I do believe in an "life force" of sorts which exists everywhere and can be "manipulated" when ever one wants.

    I don't believe in rituals.

    I believe in Tarot; candles; etc... but only a a tool to help tap the subconcious mind (which is, to me, the "gateway" to be able to do "magic")

    I do believe in good and "evil" but no as seperate factions. To me they are one. I believe they are a part of each of us. (it is up to me wether I do good or "evil")

    To me, all days are "holy" days as each day is special in its own way.

    Anyone know what I am?

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    I choose Witch. I dunno, I studied cermonial magick and the Kaballah for ten years, but just recently realized that I was on the wrong road for me.

    I follow the Wiccan Rede (because I think that it's just good solid advice to live by in any path or religion), I base a lot of my spellcrafting on Wiccan ideals, but I also utilize much of my Kaballistic and Golden Dawn studies in my ceremonies, and especially when making talismans and amulets.
    And I use an Enochian Tarot deck. I am a mutt!!

    And Pebbles, you are right. Redheads TOTALLY have the most fun!
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